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From the Back Cover of the Book …

You hold in your hands a story about a girl who grew up too fast, who tried desperately to be perfect, who tried to make everyone happy and ended up sad, lonely and addicted to chasing all the wrong things.


It’s a story about a woman hitting rock bottom. A story about a woman refusing to live lies anymore. A story about the power of dropping to your knees and asking for help from forces you just can’t see.

It’s a story about spirit, about faith, about dreams, about becoming a fearless woman on a spiritual mission. A story about guts, soul, healing, recovery, and trusting your Inner Voice, told by Jenny Fenig, an award-winning entrepreneur, soulful coach, yogi, wife and mother.

Part-memoir, part-personal growth guide, Get Gutsy is unlike any book you’ve ever read. Jenny lovingly and vulnerably shares the exact process she used to go from lost to living her soul’s calling and getting richly rewarded along the way. Now it’s your turn to experience the transformation you crave.

With a potent concoction of stories, lessons, and simple action steps, you’ll get the guts to join forces with Jenny and a crew of soul sisters to discover and do the work you were put on this planet to do. No more going it alone. No more waiting for the “perfect time.” No more playing small and staying stuck in the dreaded land of overwhelm and burnout.

Are you ready to wake up to your calling and live your dream? Are you ready to belong to a tribe of courageous visionaries who are committed to making a difference in the world?

You get one life. It’s time to get gutsy. Leap!

Praise for Get Gutsy

“Intelligent, upbeat, heartbreaking and funny, Get Gutsy is one of the most inspire-you-to-action books you’ll ever read. Prepare to be enthralled and transformed.

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Philanthropist, CEO

“Holy Shiksa Goddess! In Get Gutsy, Jenny Fenig hotwires your heart with brutally honest memoir, then feeds your soul with the super-charged tools to make shit happen. The beating pulse of this powerhouse book is an unspoken grief, a raw ache – and a radiant heart that won’t stop pumping out hope. Watch this burnout cheerleader go there, crack open the dark and find the luminous within. Grow Or Die. That’s Jenny’s motto. This revolutionary book will tattoo those words on your psyche. Jenny writes like a fallen angel coming home after a ten-year rave from hell. Equal parts grit and grace, Get Gutsy will change you – if you let it. If you’re ripe for a career shift, if you’re sick of the status quo, then stop your sniveling, drop your excuses — and deep-dive into the Tantra of Take Action. Let this yogini bombshell lead the way. See her bridge the lands of sacred and profane with her signature elegance and edge. This book spilleth over with inspired tips for business and life. If Jenny can crawl out of the ecstasy-soaked, grief-stricken, addiction-fueled, soul-sucking corporate abyss and into the natural high of a full-to-bursting life jampacked with the simple joys of family and sunlight, a handcrafted business and the scent of fresh cut grass, then you can too. Run don’t walk to buy this book. Get Gutsy. I double-dog dare you.”

Literary Alchemist and LA Times Bestselling Author, Love Junkie

“In this raw and revealing book, Jenny Fenig fearlessly shares her own authentic truth in order to rally us all to live our biggest dreams. She gives generously: her story, her practical tips and strategies, and heaps of encouragement, inspiration and love. Once you’ve devoured the message that Jenny has so beautifully and courageously shared, I’m positive you’ll never be the same. What a gift she has given the world with Get Gutsy.”

Mentor, CEO, Potential and Inspiration Catalyst

“What I loved most about Jenny’s book, Get Gutsy, is that you can hear her soul pouring out to entrepreneurs to fully step into transforming the lives of others. Jenny so eloquently prepares a plethora of strategies that can be leveraged at any time at any level to experience the best that life has to offer. Her personal story is one that will inspire others into action and create more gutsy women all over the world. Well done, Jenny.”

CEO, Incredible One Enterprises, LLC and Author, Burn the Box –
7 Strategies Women Leaders Can Leverage to Stand Up, Step In and Ignite Success

“The honest path to living the life of your dreams from the fabric of your past and the brightness of your future is laid bare in Get Gutsy. Jenny opens her heart and shows us the way to getting the courage to live a life on purpose. Any woman questioning how to make the leap from mediocrity and boredom should read this book.”

Success Mentor

“Jenny is a powerhouse in the world of transformation. Her story is inspirational, authentic, heartfelt and divinely guided. She paints a clear picture of what life can be like when you follow your heart, complete with a road map to take you there. Jenny hasn’t just written a book. She’s started a movement for powerful visionary women who are committed to making a difference in the world.”

President and Founder, Hoola Monsters and Hoola-Fit and

Jenny Fenig has created what many “self-help” books seek to be, but rarely are: a practical, soulful guide to self-celebration. Raw with illustrative, powerful, personal details that illuminate her own long road home to herself, Get Gutsy is part-memoir and part-toolkit, beautifully woven together for total package of vivid stories, real-life lessons, and powerful techniques that teach each reader how to clearly reflect and learn from her own unique experiences. Jenny is honest and inspiring, lovingly encouraging, and boldly tenacious in her mission to help every woman get real with herself and claim the existence she envisions. Get Gutsy is a book about breaking the dream barrier bubble and bursting into real life.”

Women’s Wellness Advisor, Ritual Care Company

“Jenny Fenig’s heartfelt book will take your breath away. Her words will penetrate the depth of your soul and help you wake up even more to why you are here on earth. Jenny is a gifted writer whose vulnerability will crack your heart open to ponder the meaning of life and how you can live yours in a more gutsy way. This book is not only a page turner; it is a life changer that will give you the kick start you need to rocking out the life you were born to live. Enjoy with some deep breaths!”

Money Core Coach and Mentor

Jenny’s writing is so honest and real that very quickly you sink into her life, her experience and her passion for where she is now and the work she does in the world. An easy to read book that is full of deep wisdom and insight as well as practical actionable tips and insights for anyone serious about living life on their own terms and making a difference. This is a great read and one I am more than happy to recommend.”

Online Business and Marketing Strategist

Now this is the kind of book I simply LOVE! Jenny Fenig has written a practical book to help us all reach for and achieve our dreams. It’s overflowing with motivation and inspiration to live your GUTSY life! She unveils principles and specific actionable steps to help us unlock our true potential with things we can plug into our everyday world effortlessly. Jenny spills some of her personal tried and true secret strategies to make-over your life for greater results and live out our happiness and soul’s purpose.

Author, Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work
Founder and Director, Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

“Jenny Fenig takes you on a journey to your soul and then helps you use what you’ve learned about your desires and goals from your deepest self to make it a reality. Her personal stories will reunite you with your most tender, authentic places and her wise manifestation tools are ones that you want to re-read over and over again. Any soul-centered woman who has felt the calling to create something more in her life should read this book!

Mentor to Soul-Centered Entrepreneurs

“There are some people who are out there in business just doing their thing, and it’s cool and it’s nice. And maybe you pay attention, maybe not. And then, there is Jenny. This is a woman who GETS it. Who gets YOU. Who has fought the battles and looked DEEP into the eye of the beast and not only come through shining and PROVING to ALL of us that whatever we want we can HAVE, but she’s done so with a smile on her face and with true and notable love for the women she is called to serve. Rarely do you get a chance to connect with someone who is truly living their calling and when you do, you sit up and pay attention because you know that if they can do it? Then so too can you. Jenny has a gift of helping you to see that you CAN live the dream life you perhaps don’t even dare to dream about, and that you can start NOW. Read this book. Do it today. Life is now!”

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Coach to Kickass Women
Who Want it All and Are Willing to Go GET It All!

“In this deeply moving and inspirational book, Jenny Fenig reveals the intimate details of how she found the “guts” to overcome the trauma of her sister’s death and her own addictions to find her calling as an inspirational teacher and motivator of women looking to start and thrive in their own business. Readers will find the encouragement and support they crave as they embark on the journey of finding their life’s purpose and starting the business that will help them share their gifts and realize their dreams.”

Author, Speak To Influence: How to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Voice
Founder, The Great Voice Company and The Persuasive Voice Academy


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